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  Everyone Can Enjoy Composting Today!

New to making compost? 

No Experience Needed!

FYI: Browse the site. product specs listed in each description. Locate the perfect composter for your situation. Buy with complete security.

choose from the following composter types and models

Tumbler - container that has a method of turning the organic materials without using a mixing tool. Make a batch of “black gold” as easy as turning a handle! 

Barrel - tumbler variation, often  rolled by hand to mix contents.
Mixing increases the air microbes need to decompose materials. 
Outdoor Bin -  any container used for making compost outdoors. 
Worm Bin - let earthworms increase the speed and richness of your compost.
Countertop - collect a few days indoor organics,then empty it into an outdoor bin. Dishwasher safe! Carbon filters for odor control! Beside the sink a bamboo pail is handy and attractive in the kitchen.
No countertop space? A very slim caddy fits under any countertop. One indoor style has a tumbler mechanism so you don’t see the decomposing waste! For the office a countertop pail makes coffee ground disposal so simple.


Not a Trash Bin, A Compost Tumbler Bin!

A wood bin, rain barrel or hybrid tumbler with 4 colors and 2 sizes, enhance your landscape.  The barrel, tumbler, rainbarrel,wood bin and other garden models that sit on the ground but are otherwise enclosed available in  sizes  for use in yard, and garden or patio. Many are made from recycled materials, thus are user and environmentally friendly. The tumbler, barrel, countertop and wood models sold are USA made. A wood bin,tumbler,barrel or countertop bin does not smell bad if basic composting guidelines are followed. See articles page for info.

Reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing convenience. Put the bio-organic waste in the top of the wood bin,tumbler or barrel; not the landfill. Withdraw rich natural organic compost from  the bottom.  Wood,barrel and compost tumbler bin design improve your landscape and complement the living space. The attractive natural colors and size variety of the wood,barrel or tumbler nestle into any selected place. These same colors  permit the heat of the sun to be absorbed, decomposing food leftovers,grass clippings, sticks,weeds,into compost. Enriching the soil organically and naturally allows you to take recycling  seriously from the kitchen countertop to the  outdoor wood  bin, create natural beautiful results. The wood and other composting bins, tumbler or barrel provide wide openings for easy addition of materials and removal of the finished humus. 

For recycling bio-organic waste AND conserving  the earths most precious resource,water, buy a  rainbarrel or combination(hybrid) rotating barrel composter  and rain barrel.

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