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  1. I feel like it has been hot forever. First we had torrents of rain for late winter. A lower than average amount during the spring. Then even before summer began it was hotter than normal. The days drug on and the grass became browner and the dirt showed more and more. Even the weeds shriveled up! Thankfully before everything died the rains came. The grass turned green and began to grow. The crops are a different story. Farmers were looking for hay and the prices have risen. Noone knows how the corn will turn out but it looks like yields will be way down. Gardens looked very thirsty and for many the only vegetable growing is squash or pumpkin.  Many replanted but the rains need to come again.

    My cattle were coming to the fence and begging. You have to be very strong to resist the sound of a disappointed mama. They can be so pitiful. I was afraid that the horses would eat a  toxic weed. So far all is well. I was able to use the bush hog on the tractor and mow down weeds in several pastures allowing the grass to come back for them. 
  2. It is a good day for gardeners in middle tennessee. The soil is moist but not wet. The skies are blue. The sun is shining and the breeze is blowing. It can't get much better than that! Everyone will be tilling the soil in preparation for seeds. Perhaps some will be adding compost from the barrel composter or compost bin or tumbler composter. If you live in mid tennessee and need compost i have plenty.This compost is made from horse manure, very little hay added so no chance of weeds.
  3.  I absolutely LOVE this weather. It is so awesome to step out the door and it is sunshiny and warm with a bit of cool, i could wear a light jacket if i chose. The animals are lazy after filling their tummies with fresh and tender grass for the night. I must go and complete my morning chores. Then i must repair a fence to keep the cattle in the pasture where they belong. One mama and her partner in escapeeism keep leaving the cattle pasture and getting into the horse pasture. She is ready to deliver her calf an i want her with the cattle herd for the birth. The coyote are hungry and bold here.
  4. Winter is OVER here in the southeast US. Spring is in the air. The sounds of  weed eaters and lawnmowers compete with the birds. Some folks are tilling gardens.If you want to add in compost now is a good time. More later
  5. The daffodils bloomed and now its freezing temps again. I wonder how they survive? Some of mine did not. The blooms fell off after the first night of below freezing for most of the night. It was so warm for most of January that these below frreezing nights and the days in the low 40s are a shock to every living thing.  Today we had overcast skies and snow flurries thorughout the day. The flakes were blown in by the wind rather forcefully rather than drifting lazily to the ground. I did get to ride my Appaloosa mare Sally for a couple of hours, finishing up just as a new batch of flurries pelted the barn. I'm adding new horse manure to the compost pile every day but its been cold enough that even the worms are inactive.
  6. Summer has ended and fall is here. The leaves on the trees are changing colors and blowing free. Soon the trees will be bare and the leaves on the yard.
  7. its feeling like fall here in tennessee. the nights are cold and the days take until 10 to warm up. jackets in the morning and evening and sweating in the day. it sure is lovely to be outside though.  i gotta enjoy every minute of the sunshine that comes now because next month is always rainy. over the weekend i picked up square hay bales from the field freshly made bermuda to feed to the cattle and horses now that the grass is not growing enough to keep them full.  I took advantage of the nice temperatures to finish cleaning out the chicken coop. i put the old bedding into the compost. very soon there will be leaves to rake and add.
  8. This page is a work in progress. coming soon:  compost news from buck branch enterprize.

    Today is Thursday and i have plans to pick up square bales of fresh Bermuda hay from the field for the cattle and horses this winter. It will be in the lower 80s this afternoon but drop to 50s in the night. Fall is coming gradually. The tree leaves are dropping as fast as they change color. But yesterday i mowed the fields for the last time before winter so the weeds won't outgrow the grass. I mow so the clippings go to the center for if i want  to rake and compost them.  Are leaves green or brown?  the answer tomorrow. 

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