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I feel like it has been hot forever. First we had torrents of rain for late winter. A lower than average amount during the spring. Then even before summer began it was hotter than normal. The days drug on and the grass became browner and the dirt showed more and more. Even the weeds shriveled up! Thankfully before everything died the rains came. The grass turned green and began to grow. The crops are a different story. Farmers were looking for hay and the prices have risen. Noone knows how the corn will turn out but it looks like yields will be way down. Gardens looked very thirsty and for many the only vegetable growing is squash or pumpkin.  Many replanted but the rains need to come again.

My cattle were coming to the fence and begging. You have to be very strong to resist the sound of a disappointed mama. They can be so pitiful. I was afraid that the horses would eat a  toxic weed. So far all is well. I was able to use the bush hog on the tractor and mow down weeds in several pastures allowing the grass to come back for them. 
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