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our selection includes, the small composter,often called a garden composter, composter barrel sometimes referred to as a rotating composter or composter tumbler,which mixes wastes with only a few turns using a convenient handle slot as well as the stand alone open top composting bin

 Wire, plastic and wood compost bin , open or enclosed , are made for continuous addition of composting materials.   Open style garden composting bins open to the environment allow for large yard materials to be placed in them. Compost tools make regular aeration for optimum performance less difficult. For family outdoor use a small composter  enclosed on the sides and top, and open on the bottom so it sits directly on the ground are practical and suggested for residential  use in areas where composter barrel tend to be small and enclosed to discourage pests.  The rotating composter  maintain relatively high temperatures  because the container acts as insulation and the turning keeps the microbes aerated and active, which speeds up the decomposition process, making natural organic chemical - free fertilizer faster. Kitchen scraps,leftovers,indoor plant bio-waste are stored using an indoor compost bin to be transferred outdoors.

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