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Manure Tea in 7 Steps

Making Manure Tea and the Benefit to Composting Bins

Making Manure Tea and the Benefit to Composting Bins

Do your plants or trees need a pick me up? Is your composting bin a little dry? Manure tea is an environmentally conscious method to solve either problem.

Manure tea is sometimes called liquid manure. It is an easy to make and extremely useful liquid fertilizer.

It requires only a few items to prepare this organic fertilizer. First you need a permeable bag, such as the burlap ones that feed and seed used to be packaged in,however, perforated plastic or mesh will be sufficient. The small mesh or holes keep any weed seeds from getting into the tea. Second locate a barrel or large container, perhaps a garbage can. Third, fill this container almost full with water. Fourth, put one or two shovelfuls of fresh or dried manure into the bag. Fifth,tie the bag closed with haystring, plastic garbage bag type ties or such. You now have created a teabag. Sixth, place the teabag into the water filled container, dunk and swirl it, making sure the bag is submerged not floating. Seventh, leave this to soak for a week. And now, finished manure tea can be poured into a watering can. Just dump what remains in the tea bag onto the batch in the compost tumbler, composting bin or pile.

After the soak time the tea can be used at full strength and poured over the materials in a composting bin or tumbler composter or compost pile. This fresh manure tea distributes beneficial bacteria and much needed nitrogen as well as the required moisture to the decomposing material. Manure tea, your liquid organic fertilizer, can be distributed over soil frequently as well as around trees, ornamentals and such instead of topdressing using composted manure. Do not apply undiluted manure tea directly onto plants. To use the manure tea on plants directly dilute it to a light amber color. This dilution usually requires one part tea to 4 and sometimes 5 parts water. To store the manure tea simply put the lid on the container of liquid. The manure particles not disolved if there are any can be worked into soil or added to a batch of compost.

Making manure tea requires only seven steps. Using it as liquid fertilizer gives plants, trees, and the compost making process an environmentally friendly pick me up. A bonus of manure tea is that a storage space the size of your container is all you need.

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