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Garden Compost Bins Open Model or Closed Bins Examples

Garden Composting Bins Choices Explained

Open or Enclosed Composting Bins, Which is Best for You?

Enclosed versus open composting bins. It could be a science fiction adventure. Or it could be types of garden composting bins.

Sci-fi, not really but it might as well be if one hears so many different names used. The garden compostingbins can be grouped into two large categories, enclosed composting bins and open composting bins. Enclosed bins are just as the name says, the top and sides and sometimes the bottom are enclosed. The open bins are exactly that, open, at the top and sometimes sides.

The fact that the container is enclosed helps with pest and vermin control as well as making them attractive. These containers usually have an open bottom and closed sides and top. The sides are slotted for air. A lid or side must be opened to mix or remove the contents. Bins are sturdy plastic of various weights and strengths. Often the materials to make them have been recycled. These models also come in colors, however green and black or brown are most common. The smallest of the garden composting bins that I have come across is a rectangle shape about 2 feet tall and holds 11 cubic feet of compost. Other enclosed bins hold more than double that amount. The shapes are round square or rectangle depending on brand and size. An advantage of square is putting it against a wall. An advantage of rectangle is it takes less space. An advantage of round is larger size.

A second type composting bin is the open or open top bin. This variety can be as simple as making a circle of lightweight wire and putting bio-organic waste into it. One model made for purchase is square and collapses for moving or storing. Another variation is wooden slats. The wood binscome with and with out lids and additions for enlargement can be purchased. One more example is the concrete block variety. These are generally built so that it actually is 3 bins. One for freshest materials, one for cooking (a batch near to finishing) and one for finished compost. The idea is that by the time the contents of one bin are used the contents of the cooking batch will be finished and ready for use and so forth. This variety requires a cover such as a tarp for moisture control and optimum efficiency. The open binis a good choice for individuals who actually have quite a bit of waste to add continuously. If very small amounts of waste are added to these containers the decomposition occurs slowly and only at the bottom, making it seem as if the materials just disappear instead of creating the rich useful natural organic humus which most people desire for enriching soil.        

After a description of these two groups of garden composting bins I will let the reader decide if they think its still science fiction or not. The real science fiction generator might be what is inside your garden composting bin. But that is in another article to come.


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