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Earthmaker The Aerobic Composter

earthmaker aerobic composter
Earthmaker The Aerobic Composter
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  • The King of Composters
  • Compost in 30-days*
  • For busy people wanting an easy, green way to deal with organic waste.
  • For gardeners who want an easy, fast way of making compost.
  • Large 466 liter/ 123 gallon capacity.
  • Can produce 35 liters/ 10 gallons of compost every month.
  • Measures 1200mm / 47" high and 750 MM/ 30: diameter.
  • Keeps fresh waste and mature compost separate.
  • Large openings for adding waste and removing compost.
  • Delivered in a flat pack that clicks together easily. No tools or composting experience required.
  • Full assembly instructions and user guide in every box.
  • The world's first continuous cycle compost bin. Organic waste is added at the top anytime, quality compost is taken form the bottom when needed! And gravity does all the hard work!!
  • Independent trials have proven the Earthmaker processes kitchen and garden waste at twice the speed of traditional compost bins.
  • Material aerates as it falls down the chambers decomposing rather than rotting, thus reducing the production of greenhouse gases. Heat draws air up through the material reducing smells, flies and greenhouse gases.
  • Very little effort and just a few minutes each month is required to move the contents form chamber to chamber.
  • Made in New Zealand
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