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Urban Compost Tumbler 9.5 (UCT-9)

Urban Compost Tumbler 9.5 (UCT-9)
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Made of 100% HDPE recycled plastic, food grade, UV protected and black in color.
SIZE:  9.5 cu ft, 71 gallons, 7.6 bushels
WEIGHT: 70 lbs and ships in two large boxes
WARRANTY: 10-years

MSRP: $349.99
SALE PRICE: $289.99

Features and Benefits of the UCT
PATENTED CENTRAL AERATION SYSTEM for faster composting time... it's the OXYGEN
LOW MAINTENANCE, No Cranks and Rollers to get clogged up & No metal parts to rust or get bent.
DESIGNED, for today's fast paced lifestyle
EASE OF USE, No Constant Turning of Compost Piles
KID & PEST PROOF, Fully Enclosed, Off-the-Ground Unit
AVOIDS ODOR problems with most Composting Piles
AIDS IN MOISTURE CONTROL in Excessively Dry or Rainy Climates
PROVIDES INSULATION to Aid Heating of Compost
PORTABILITY, as the UCT can be moved about your Yard
TOOL FREE mixing & turning of the compost materials
6-MONTH GUARANTEED satisfaction or your Purchase Price back less only shipping costs
TDI provides a 10-YEAR WARRANTY on the Trex stand model and 5-YEAR WARRANTY on the Treated Lumber stand model

$10.00 SHIPPING items under $75.00 :  GROUND only  : United States of America excluding Alaska and Hawaii and territories
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